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10 Ways To Make The Perfect Wedding Proposal

By Ziv Zamechek December 06, 2018

Although, you might be completely sure about the girl/boy that you want to marry, you are sure that she/he will say yes and you have already looked at the engagement ring that you have brought for her/him, popping the question can actually be quite a stressful task. A wedding proposal is not just the action of asking your loved one that one important question, but it is also a moment that they will like to remember for the rest of their lives. Hence, it is important to make this experience as unique and magical as possible.

Here are 10 tips on how to propose your special someone in the most ingenious and unique ways:

  1. Bubblegum Balloons’ ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Confetti Balloon- There is no better way to ask that important question to your loved one than with a gift which rises out of its packaging with the question inscribed on its body. This wonderful and innovative item by Bubblegum Balloons is filled with helium and floats out of its box to give your lover the surprise of his/her life. Filled with heart shaped confetti and having a beautiful tail made out of red hearts, this is one of the cutest ways to make a wedding proposal.
  2. Tag book or scrapbook with the title ‘Reasons why I want to marry you’- This is probably the perfect way to let your loved one know why you want to spend the rest of your life together with them. With this unique proposal technique you can propose while telling your loved one all the many reasons why you want to do so.
  3. Fortune cookie saying ‘Will you marry me?- If you want to make your proposal a charming surprise, this is the most ingenious way to go about it. Take your loved one out to a wonderful Chinese dinner and pop the question at the end of the meal by including this fortune cookie amongst the ordinary ones.
  4. Pendants which are custom made for marriage proposals- Pendants and ornaments are for life and so is your commitment of marrying your loved one. With this unique idea you can surprise your loved one with the one question that you have been yearning to ask.
  5. Coffee mug saying ‘Will you marry me?in Morse code- If your partner loves puzzles, then this is the best way to propose to them. This unique mug allows you to pop the question by subtly hiding the message in Morse code. Simply ask them to decipher the message and find out what you truly have in your heart.
  6. ‘Will you marry me?written at the bottom of the mug- Breakfast in bed will find a whole new definition with this innovative proposal idea. Simply make her a delicious meal at the beginning of the day and let her finish her tea or coffee only to find out the real reason behind such hospitability.
  7. Ring at the bottom of the champagne glass- Although it is a clichéd technique immortalized by movies, this idea never gets old and is still a great way to propose wedding to your loved one. Surprise her with the question by taking her out to a wonderful dinner and hiding the ring at the bottom of the champagne glass.
  8. Recreating the first date that you ever had- Nothing warms up the heart more than nostalgia. Your lover would definitely remember the first date that you guys had ever gone to. Recreating that precious moment and making it even more special by asking her the question at the date is a unique way to surprise your loved one.
  9. Propose when they are least expecting it- Your loved one might have an inkling that you might propose to them. However, popping the question when they are least expecting it can be surprising as well as charming. Proposing while relaxing over a usual Sunday afternoon, or while having breakfast or in bed can really make them fill up with glee.
  10. Proposing your loved one on their birthday- Birthdays are special occasions in everybody’s life and what better present to give  your loved one than asking them the special question on a special day.

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