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With the end of the year approaching nearby the month that celebrates love is not far away. February, the month that has Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. It is the day when love is celebrated and couple’s give each other gifts to rejoice their love. However, giving a gift on Valentine’s Day needs to be well though after lest you gift your loved one something that seems too generic, over the top or insensitive. Depending upon the stage of the relationship that you are in with your loved one here are some great tips on what to gift him/her this Valentine’s Day.

When you are meeting for the first time

If your first meeting happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, fear not, a simple Valentine’s Day card embedded with a cheesy line and some chocolates will do just fine. It is neither too overpowering, nor too clichéd. After all you guys are meeting for the first time. You hardly know what the other person likes or dislikes.

When you guys are dating officially for a few days

If you guys have just started dating and this Valentine’s Day is the first Valentine’s Day that you would be spending together, keep things simple. A scented candle or some flowers and roses are the perfect choice to give to your loved one. Don’t overdo things because that would make you seem excessive.

When you guys have been dating for some weeks

If it is only a few weeks into the relationship and Valentine’s Day has come knocking, the gift of a fancy dinner at a restaurant or home cooking a fancy meal while you watch movies and sip champagne can be ideal. Home cooked meals are a bonus tip, as it shows that you really care and are ready to invest in the relationship.

When you guys have been dating for some months

When you are dating somebody for a couple of months, it usually involves each of you going over to the other’s place on a frequent basis. A practical and well thought out gift for such an occasion on Valentine’s Day can be a subtle overnight bag which can also be carried to the office or anywhere else when your loved one leaves in the morning.

When you guys are living together

If you are in that part of the relationship where you guys are living together, taking things to an intimate and playful level is a great way to spice things up on a Valentine’s Day. Gifting your loved one a pleasure box is a great way to surprise them and make them wonder what you might make them do with the contents of the box.

When you guys have just been married

A great way to surprise your partner on a Valentine’s Day just after your marriage is to gift her with a fancy dessert. You guys might not have gone to a fancy restaurant or shared an expensive meal after the wedding costs and honeymoon and surprising your lover by breaking this monotony with a gift of cheese tower is a great idea.

When you guys have been married for long

By this stage in the relationship, you have probably gifted your loved one everything imaginable. So on this Valentine’s Day gift them something that you would both enjoy. A necessary household item or a soft comfortable mattress is great ideas to choose from when thinking about a special Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

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