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Ways To Make Your Multicultural Marriage Work

By Ziv Zamechek January 14, 2019

Love knows no boundaries, be it sex, age or even culture. Marrying a person who belongs to another culture is a task that takes great courage and dedication to the person that you love. This action is an act of faith that comes along with a dearth of different obstacles. Any kind of marriage is full of different obstacles and these are multiplied tenfold when it comes to a marriage between couples belonging to differing cultures. If you as a couple can face these obstacles by staying together, you’re sure to be rewarded with a warm and fulfilling relationship that is sure to withstand the harsh ravages of time. Above all you will gain yourself a partner than knows how to stick with you through the toughest of times and offer you love and compassion that is unparalleled.

After having understood the challenges that a multicultural marriage is bound to have, it is time to face these challenges with a brave heart. Finding a solution to the challenges that marrying someone from another culture involves is the first step towards a happy and successful married life. This article aims to provide you with a few ways to make your multicultural marriage work.

  • Attending a marriage preparation course- Attending a marriage preparation course is a great way to discuss the many important decisions that you as a couple would have to make through the journey of your married life. This course allows you to gauge into the many facets that involves a marriage and have a clear idea about the different roles that each of you would need to take in order to make the marriage work. Decisions regarding the roles that each family would play in the marriage, expectations and hopes from your children, financial aspirations and commitments are all discussed as part of this course. It is also prudent to seek the help of guidance counselors who have been in a multicultural marriage themselves. Hearing the story of a couple who has been able to pass the hurdle that multicultural marriages pose, can be a great way of determining how you are going to tackle your own situation.
  • It is important to learn about the other person’s culture- Each culture has unique and beautiful traditions that hold a deep meaning and significance. Understanding these symbolisms and traditions will help you to understand your spouse better and also help you to pass on those traditions and culture to your children as they grow up. Mutual respect for each other’s traditions is the foundation of a happy multicultural marriage.
  • It is important to learn a mutual language- Any happy marriage is based on good communication and good communication stems from language. In order to relay your deepest emotions and feelings to your loved one it is important to learn a language in which both of you can communicate fluently.
  • Teach your children both your languages- Your children are probably the luckiest to be born into a cultural heritage that has dual aspects. Teaching them to bilingual not only helps them embrace both your cultures but also allows them to communicate well with both of you as well as your extended families.

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