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Zodiac Sign Compatibility Love & Relationships

By Ziv Zamechek March 21, 2018

How Astrological Signs Relate to Love and Relationships

Astrological signs have been around for millennia and people looked to these ancient signs for guidance.  People still look at their horoscopes to this day to find out what they are going to face in the world on a daily basis. The zodiac signs are made up of 12 astrological signs that are each based on one month of the year. Some people dismiss astrology as untrue, but the zodiac signs actually have some value. There is actually no way to dismiss the zodiac as pseudo-science as humans have been using it for practically thousands of years. Masters of astrology have inspected the planet alignments and they have managed to understand certain truths about the world. The zodiac works in the same way the movements of the moon regulate ocean tides. Anecdotal evidence is one of the reasons why astrological signs have never been dismissed fully. More people keep reporting that the things they have read in their horoscopes have come to pass and it has happened so frequently that we cannot dismiss it. Astrology is considered more accurate because of the rate at which these anecdotes keep popping up.

In a way, astrology might appear scientific. It makes use of scientific knowledge on heavenly bodies. People use astrology to generate expectations on people’s personalities and future events and in the same way scientific ideas can be used to develop expectations. How can we determine whether astrology is scientific?

Does astrology concentrate on the natural world?

The fundamental premise of astrology is that heavenly bodies namely the constellations, planets, moon, and the sun, are correlated with or have an effect on earthly events.

Does astrology aim to expound on the natural world?

Astrology makes use of a collection of rules on the relative movement and positions of heavenly bodies to develop explanations and predictions for human personality traits and earthly events.

Does astrology use verifiable ideas?

Some of the expectations generated by astrology are too general in that any outcome may be interpreted to fit the expectations. If this is the case, then that does not make astrology testable. Some people, however, have used astrology to develop very particular expectations that can be confirmed against outcomes in the natural world.

The Validity of Newspaper Horoscopes

Horoscopes can be created by anyone and if you understand how the language works then you can even make a horoscope up for yourself. This fact is what gives astrology its bad name. Newspaper horoscopes have a bad reputation for being considered false. If you read the same horoscope for one year and matched, you will find that in some cases they have copied a horoscope from another date and pasted it. If you want to take astrology seriously, you will need to go to an expert who will delve deeper into the zodiac. Only make sure you go to a professional in the astrology field and if someone lacks the credentials to uphold what they say, then pay them no mind.

The Association of Astrological Signs with Relationships and Love

The very core of astrology revolves around the theory that humans pick up energy from the planets and the universe, which are both intermediaries that connect us to the higher cosmos. Following this principle, professional astrologers relate this to the theory that women’s menstrual cycles can synchronize with the moon. Our environment has an effect on our physical selves and the heavenly bodies affect our energy significantly.

With that in mind, there is a question as to whether we should look to the planets in telling us about relationships or acting as a determinant. Apparently, the astrology that most people interact with daily is but a watered-down version of astrology in its entirety limited to zodiac signs alone. The reality of it is that your zodiac sign is just one element of a more complex natal chart including the position of your planets, your lunar nodes, your ascendant or rising sign, your moon sign, and more.

In assessing compatibility and romantic relationships, there are more elements at play. Here are some of these elements and what they mean with regards to a relationship.

1)    The four elements and their respective signs include:

  1. a) Fire- Sagittarius, Leo, Aries
  2. b) Air- Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
  3. c) Earth- Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn
  4. d) Water- Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

What it means in a relationship- astrologers observe that there is a typical compatibility between people sharing complementary elements within their zodiac signs i.e. earth and water; water and water; air and fire; fire, fire etc. However, you should also consider lunar nodes, ascendants, and the moon signs.

2)    Sun sign- this is determined by your birthdate and it is what people normally interact with when reading their daily horoscope. Your sun sign is classified as your identity, your sense of self, and how you express yourself when you are at ease and feeling good.

In a relationship- when two people’s sun signs are compatible, this indicates basic affinity. Sun signs of one element share a sense of compatibility but in some cases, whatever may lead to an attraction is something slightly different from you. When looking at compatibility and dating the tension is what may contribute to excitement in the relationship.

3)    Moon sign- determined by the moon’s position at your exact time of birth and it rules your inner instinctive needs. It represents your home environment, your family, and your mother.

In the relationship- The moon sign is important, especially in a committed relationship. Your moon signs should be compatible if you want something long-term in this case because the moon is how you meet your needs and it is your instinctive nature- essentially, what you are emotionally comfortable with.

4)    Ascendant or Rising Sign- identified by the Zodiacal sign which was rising or ascending on the eastern horizon at your time of birth. This sign can be defined further as the first impression given off by a person. It is how people express themselves in new situations.

In the relationship- elemental complementarity is not a must in this aspect seeing as two people’s rising signs can govern their initial attraction. Tension is an added advantage for a relationship because opposites attract. The rising sign is opposite the partnership or marriage house.

5)    Lunar Nodes- these are astronomical, mathematical points where the moon’s orbit crosses the sun’s path on the celestial sphere. This is ascertained by the moon and sun’s exact positions when you were born. They work on an axis and the southern node indicates what you already know, your accomplishments, your accumulation of habits and knowledge from your family lineage. The northern node represents what you need to accomplish, achieve, and go toward or where you are going.

In a relationship- The nodes should be associated meaning that if they overlap then there is a good chance of you paths crossing. When assessing a relationship the lunar nodes are important. The north node demonstrates what you want to fulfil in life while the south node represents your past-life connections. The points of contact for the nodes determine that you need to work out something karmic with that person within this lifetime.





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